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Do us a favor and send us a message with your question so we can answer it for you and then add it to the list!

Our dedicated team of expert and experienced bakers prides themselves on their ability to turn customer’s dreams into reality. We can and do alter our cake designs constantly to make them right for our clients. So no matter what your customization idea is for your Gender Reveal Cake, contact us and ask and we’ll be happy to let you know what we can do help make this happen.

We have a very wide variety of flavors for both the filling and the icing of your Gender Reveal Cake. You can find them located on the pull down menu right here on our website. If you don’t see the flavor you are looking for, contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Well, we can make cupcakes, absolutely! However, the whole point of gender reveal is that the cake itself is hidden. While we can use dark liners to try to hide the color, blue is a bit darker than pink and is harder to hide in a cupcake wrapper than under icing. So yes, we can do this, but we recommend a traditional gender real cake that you must cut into and lift that slice out to create the picturesque (think photo-opportunity) moment of reveal Gender Reveal Cakes are best for.

We offer a full variety of expertly baked and realistically rendered iced cakes that will leave you breathless. No matter what design or style you need, if you want to turn it into a Gender Reveal Cake, we’re glad to get the job done!

This can really vary. There are all kinds of custom cake designs and sizes and the bigger and more complicated of a design you order, the more the cost will be. If you’re interested in a specific price on a specific design to feed a specific number, just use our no olbigation quote form on this website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can even upload any pictures you have of the design you want.

Because of the prevalence of fraud in online transactions, when you order through our website, you can pay with PayPal or your credit card. We use PayPal to process all credit card orders because of the high-level of security and guarantee they offer both sellers and purchasers. If you would like to pay us directly with your major credit card, we can accept those payments over the phone or in-person.

We offer limited delivery services to select areas. Please contact us to inquire about delivery services in your area. If you’d like to pick up your order, please schedule a time to pick up to ensure we are there and waiting for you .

We are located in Middle Village Queens NYC

Though we do offer delivery services, you can always pick up your cake – especially if you want to save a few dollars on the order because then there is no fee for pick up. Just let us know ahead of time when you want to pick up your cake and we’ll make sure we’re here and waiting on you!

It comes down to your choice of design, but we typically ask for a 2 weeks notice. How quickly could we get something done? That depends on our current work load, but usually we can get a fondant cake design ready in about 3 business days. However, if you are lost at the last minute, we might be able to help you as we do occasionally have some premade Gender Reveal Cakes available (though these are smaller and not as elaborate). Just let us know what you need and we’ll let you know what we can do at that time.

We’d love to do this and have tried in the past. What we found was despite our best instructions and care with shipping in cooled containers, the cakes would often arrived damaged. It’s hard for us to guarantee cakes survive the shipping process even if we can ensure they don’t spoil. For that reason we really have to recommend you go with a local bakery. Just take one of our pictures to them and see if they can do it.

Does that mean we won’t ship it? No. Especially if you are in Connecticut, Pennsylvania or New Jersey. We may be able to work something out with you, so let us know. If you live farther away, we certainly can try to ship you one, but we simply cannot guarantee it won’t get smooshed or damaged during shipping as we cannot take responsibility for the care the drivers take (despite our best efforts to label the cakes as fragile and handle with care).

It depends on the type of cake you order. For example, most of our cakes are served on a cake tray, so we typically write a message below the cake on the tray. This works better for sculpted cakes so you don’t have buttercream getting all over the place. With a round or sheet cake, we are usually able to fit a small message on the top as well.

You can have a family member or friend who knows the sex of the baby to place the order. You can also have your ob-gyn clinic send us the information. They also could fax any pictures and we add them to the cake. We work with many ob-gyns in our area and most are very happy to do this for you.